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West Coast Wilderness Trail

The West Coast Wilderness Trail is a truly unique West Coast experience.

The West Coast Wilderness Trail is one of New Zealand's Great Rides and for good reason. This easy Grade 2 cycle trail is centred around Hokitika and offers a dramatic ride through dense West Coast rainforest, past glacial rivers, lakes, beaches and wetlands. 

It also offers an interesting look at local history too as it follows tracks carved by pioneering gold rush miners along extensive water races, logging tramways and tram lines. 

Riding the Trail

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The trail an easy Grade 2. It is mostly off road on a firmly packed smooth gravel surface with an ambient gradient and there are only a couple of short sections you may prefer to walk - but it's worth it for the outstanding views. The trail can be ridden either in part or in its entirety.

We can help you plan a ride to suit your abilities and enjoyment. Contact us to personalise your ride!

Four Day Adventure

Visit interesting towns and see a wide variety of West Coast landscapes by doing the complete four day trail. It is split into approximately 35kms each day with accommodation and services along the way.

We recommend you ride south to north as it is easier - Ross to Greymouth. 

Half Day and Full Day Trips 

With shuttle service and plenty of drop off and pick up points available, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the trail with the family with limited time.  

Here are some suggested one day rides


Guaranteed ride of a life time....